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Before you plan your European vacation, it's worth checking out which countries are the most dangerous and why. The US State Department ranks countries as Levels 1 through 4, from least dangerous to most dangerous. Twelve European countries are ranked Level 2, and the agency recommends American visitors exercise increased caution when visiting them. Visit for more stories. Europe may include some of the most popular travel destinations for Americans, but the US State Department advises that several countries on the continent may require extra caution for those looking to vacation abroad. The State Department uses four levels of travel guidance...
Venture capital firm Lakestar is attempting to raise Europe's biggest ever startup fund of $800 million. Such megafunds are still uncommon in Europe, but major US funds regularly raise $1 billion, while China has huge amounts of capital to funnel into startups. Lakestar is still a relatively new venture capital firm, and sources have raised questions about its track record, "random" investment strategy, and the reputation of one of its partners.  Sources close to Lakestar said the firm is not far away from closing its fund and disputed questions about its strategy. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. European venture...
The death of a Dutch teenager, which was misreported as a case of legal euthanasia, has shed light on Europe's euthanasia laws. Noa Pothoven died after she stopped eating and drinking. Her previous request for euthanasia had been denied. The Netherlands and Belgium are the only country where minors can request for a doctor to terminate their lives. The children and teenagers need to be suffering unbearable pain that cannot be eased for their request to be granted. In Belgium the youngest euthanasia patient was nine years old. Visit INSIDER's homepage for more stories The death of a Dutch 17-year-old, which was widely...
Officials in Paris plan to surround the Eiffel Tower with the city's largest garden park in order to cut down on traffic and cars in the area. London-based landscape architects Gustafson Porter + Bowman designed the park's layout, which would be called "OnE." Construction of the park would likely cost around $80.6 million, and be funded through ticket sales to enter the landmark. The entire project is expected to last from now until 2030. Visit INSIDER's homepage for more...
Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz was ousted by parliament in a no-confidence vote Monday. A new election is already planned for September and President Alexander Van der Bellen needs to appoint a caretaker government to serve until then. But 32-year-old Kurz, who became Europe's youngest leader when he was sworn into office in 2017, has vowed that he and his center-right People's Party would return to power with increased strength. The result makes Kurz the shortest-serving chancellor since 1945 with 525 days in office, according to the Austria Press Agency. VIENNA (AP) — Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz was ousted by parliament in a no-confidence vote...
A third of the population of Monaco, a tiny city-state on the French Riviera, are millionaires. Of the 38,300 people who live in Monaco, 12,261 of them are millionaires, according to the 2019 Knight Frank Wealth Report. Wealthy foreigners have long seen Monaco has a tax haven for its lack of income tax. Monaco also has a zero poverty rate. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.   Monaco, a tiny city-state on the French Riviera, is known as a playground for the ultra-wealthy. Of the 38,300 people who live in Monaco, about...
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Joomla! features:

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